AirAsia Scams – More expensive than the budget airlines competitors – Part Ii

Everyone can fly?

Yup! That’s true!

For AirAsia – Everyone “too” can be misled with its promising advertisement such as this one!

FreeseatsEverybody now can be deceived by Air Asia as there ain’t any laws protecting the victims (the passengers) for easily falling for Air Asia’s crafty low-cost business strategy.

Already the fact is Air Asia’s AOC is expiring in April 2013 for not complying with regulatory requirement.


Air Asia under Tony the mother fucker continues to deceive the public by tempting them to buy more online tickets into those destinations that Air Asia could not be flying after March 2013. Such advertisement patently is an evidence showcasing Air Asia is drawing to an end deluding the public of its safety performance which now arousing an internal ongoing investigation by the regulator to whether the Malaysian authority should continue approving Air Asia’s flying license for another 2 years or not at all.

It’s a sign of distressed where Air Asia is drenching in huge debts worldwide!!!

Do you know that Air Asia has the best scamming strategy in the world resemble the model adopted by the European Air Asia – The most hated Low Cost Airlines Ryannair? Air Asia had scammed the Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad over millions of ringgit on the aviation tax alone where the Air Asia’s passengers already prepaid during their early bird booking period. So much of scamming business strategy inside Air Asia could be sign of an ongoing economic crisis that the Asia’s largest Low Cost Carrier – Air Asia comports.

Look at the above distressed signage – FREE SEATS by Air Asia. Which seat is really FREE? A technically brilliant swindling strategy. Our investigation concluded there’s technically zero FREE seats but merely the scam to tempt the innocent travelers of their sweats and bloods to book their holiday in prepaid method where Air Asia may not be flying to after next year. You’re STILL PAYING for ALL SEATS!!!

Another trick from Air Asia!

AA3Air Asia Refund Scam has been created by vigilantes for the purpose of informing the innocent travelers – just NOT BY US. The comparison airfares between Air Asia and another Full Service Carrier shows us the real value of Air Asia. Here’s one sample for public viewing;


This airfare above is not inclusive of the “+++++” yet and after “++++” the actual fares is here below!

AA2Air Asia

Air Asia without promo fares is MORE EXPENSIVE than Full SERVICE AIRLINES. Added with its difference is it’s without “FREE” INFLIGHT SERVICES AND “FREE” BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE. So it’s true that Air Asia is more expensive than the other Premium Airlines and here is the evidence.

AA1The Premium Airlines

The misconception we have on Air Asia is its concept of Low Cost Model where we’ve been fooled by Air Asia of its LOW COST AIRFARES which ain’t any low cost at all. It’s truly higher cost than the Premium Airlines. So do you still think Air Asia is that CHEAP and of a LOWER COST?

Should we allow Air Asia to continue MISLEADING us?

We repeat – Air Asia’s AOC is expiring in March 2013 and might not be extended pending its internal investigation by the regulator – Department of Civil Aviation on its obsolete flight safety manual and the operation. Some anonymous postings alerting us some pilots in Air Asia are under the series of medical treatment after a prolong high stressed and burned out. Most recently; the regulator has been alerted of high fatiguing level among its Pilots and Engineering for long working hours – isn’t that violating the land laws? 


We do not believe the regulator is doing any good jobs with weightiest investigation on Air Asia’s safety compliance within the regulatory requirement.  Rumor has it the regulator acted out of irrational. Nevertheless, we decline to rumor mongering and we hope the regulator is not B.O.T.

Whilst we keep receiving many threats from Tony The Mother Fucker for defaming his BIG ASS reputation; we decided to teach him the lessons that he will never forget his whole life.

Starting from weeks ago; we’re traveling with Air Asia domestically and regionally to a few destinations taking some photos and videos from the inside of Air Asia’s planes. We could tell the world it’s pretty scary when flying with Air Asia these days and we had to keep changing the plane for at least 4 times in one flight. The first plane gave us impression it had engine problem or perhaps it was weather microcosm .

Much to our surprise it was also the Pilot that was feeling indisposed that day stepped down from the scheduled flight. That it went with our flight being further delayed. We boarded the another plane where this second plane took us a surprise on another engine problem and the third plane had both technicality problem and the crew member showed “unwell” grimaces after long hours inside in the plane. The last plane was alright but it had already delayed our flight and now we’re suing Air Asia for real. So see you Tony Boy in the court pretty soon.

Stay tuned to malaysiaairlinesfamilies with more updates on what’s going inside Air Asia – awesome revelations!


1 thought on “AirAsia Scams – More expensive than the budget airlines competitors – Part Ii

  1. Great job. Keep it up !!
    It’s good to keep people informed.
    There are 3 main worries I am having;
    1) Safety of their crews and passengers,
    2) Being a Malaysian Company, will they ended up “heavy loss in the accounts” and get the taxpayers’ money to “bail” them out ? Just like the banks, the national car and airline companies etc ? With Daim’s connection, it’s highly possible.
    3) With so much debts and Tony crook already off the hook, they may launch a big bang sale, collect everyone’s money and take off !!

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